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Our Newest Partnership!

We are very pleased to announce our newest partnership with the nations leading Solar Installer, Ameresco!

After initial conversations it was clear that a venture between our companies could greatly increase the rate at which Ameresco could implement their commercial installations. It was abundantly clear to us that working with such a refined company with a growth rate beyond compare we might be able to pick up on some things to bring to our current client base.

Looking forward to another prosperous relationship!

Energy Site Solutions (ESS) is a full service solar and wind provider. We ensure the Property Owner, Tenant and Municipalities are all content throughout the process.

Property Owners get what they need which includes market rates and terms, protection from local municipalities and assurance of a safely built installation.

Tenants have the comfort in knowing the ESS team has 20+ years experience in delivering top notch, quality results on time and locally approved.

Manufacturers of Cellular, Solar or Wind equipment know that we have the connections and know-how in order to keep equipment operating optimally.

  • Site Audit

    Ensuring that the space leased is not encroached inappropriately by any party. Equipment and storage for that equipment has changed drastically over the years. Make sure you’re getting what you agreed to.

  • Lease Audit

    Getting paid the correct amount based on what equipment is installed and if there are any escalations or amendments gets cumbersome after so many years. Let us ensure you’re getting all the money you deserve.

  • Lease Negotiations

    The largest loss you will ever experience is at the negotiating table. Let our decades of experience help you negotiate a fair market deal with the proper rights deserved by all parties.

  • Lease Re-Negotiations

    There are only two opportunities to get more of what you deserve and that is first at the lease origination and second at any re-negotiating point. We know what they need, and we know what you want. Let us set course straight.

  • Site Management

    When it comes to lease payments, we assure you have the best advantage, it’s what we do.

  • Site Marketing

    Nothing is better than getting free money except when you have a partner who works with you already and knows your needs makes it even sweeter!

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